Saturday, February 2, 2013

Headed Home

 During our second and last night in the hospital exhaustion finally caught up with us. I think we had only slept about 8 out of the last 36 hours. We sent Savannah to the nursery and passed out. She hadn't been gone long before the nursery called and asked us to come get her (lol). They gave our lil' love bug the boot! Apparently, she cried the entire time she was in there. Poor lil girl. Once she was back in the room with us she was fine and went right to sleep. I guess she's a little rebel without a cause. :)
So small in Daddy's arms.

The next morning (Saturday) we were discharged.
Daddy was especially excited to head home and sleep in a real bed.
It took us quite awhile to dress Savannah. If it was up to daddy she would have came home in the hospital's onsie.
Grandma Wendy, Grandma Cindy, Aunt Meagan, Uncle Justin and Aunt Brittany were all waiting at the house to welcome Savannah. Aunt Meag even made a cute banner for her.
Welcome home luv bug!

Savannah Rae

I guess I had better catch up.
Life has been busier than ever, but it has been the most amazing time of our lives!

Near the end of our pregnancy each day seemed to last an eternity. The night before the induction I was so excited and anxious to meet Savannah, I barely slept at all. 
 Savannah Rae Rowsell made her long awaited debut Thursday, September 27th at 5:23 p.m.
She was 7 pounds 1 ounce and 20 1/4 inches of pure sweetness. 
I was in awe.
It was amazing to see her and hear her cry for the very first time.
I am forever thankful to be her mommy.

There were so many family members waiting to greet her in the hallway.
(They were supposed to be in the waiting room, but apparently they make their own rules, haha. )
Peeking in the nursery.

We couldn't believe how much hair she had!

Sassy from the get go :)

The Aunties couldn't get enough of her.

The Great Grandma's

What an amazing day! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Girl

I was wrong... we are having a sweet little girl. Yay! 
I was pretty nervous we wouldn't find out the gender because her little legs were crossed. But, as the appointment went on she started moving around and we were able to get a clear view of her little bottom. We love her little profile, she's sooo cute.
The first thing we did after the appintment was buy a pretty pink glove. Jeremy was really excited and found her the cutest one  there :) I'm sure he will be a great coach and all the little girls will just love him. haha

Since Jeremy and I had been waiting for baby for quite awhile, we already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted for the baby. I had my heart set on a stroller and car seat that of course they didn't have anymore. Luckily, I am married to someone who gets as excited as I do. He stopped in Idaho Falls the next day and bought me my very first mother's day present. I love it! We even put it together that night and made a quick loop around the house :) lol
Baby's little stroller on the semi

On Mother's Day we went to Bear Lake. I had to sneak a quick picture of Jers showing off his baby girl to Great Grandma Judy. So sweet. Jeremy has baby's ultrasound video's on his phone and I wouldn't be surprised if they already have over 100 views!

Here is baby and mommy at 19 weeks and 4 days.
At 18 weeks and 5 days I felt her move for the very first time. Her dad was pretty jealous to say the least. It took some time, but one night he was kissing my belly and she pushed back against his lips. It was an awesome first for him.
 This Sunday, I spent the morning laying in bed while Jeremy played with the baby. He would give her a little push and she would push right back. It made me a bit queasy, but it was so sweet.

We also made a special trip to buy our little girl a crib. I couldn't believe how big the box was! Thanks for helping Auntie Meg <3

Our house was trashed instantly.

Dad putting her crib together.

Auntie Brit was also way too excited when we found out the baby's gender. She was one of the only ones holding strong for a girl. Needless to say this little lady is going to be stylin'. Jers still isn't sure about the bikini... lol

Here is what Brit wrote on facebook (so baby can see someday):
"I found out I was going to be an aunt to a beautiful baby girl today! I am so excited for my brother and sister in law Jeremy and Amanda they are going to be amazing parents:) Thought her aunt should spoil her:) " Brittany Rowsell

All in all we have been loving life the past few months. Thanks for all of the kind words, love and support!

xoxo Rowsell's